George Dunbar Bridge (Bronson Avenue), Sunshine After the Rain - Experimental Shoot Continued, color grading, tonal curves

Sunshine After the Rain – Experimental Shoot Continued

After spending a good amount of time in front of the graffiti…
January 27, 2014/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Dubai

In this, our last post abroad, we will explain the titles of…
January 11, 2014/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Farewell India

Our exit from India was 6 days long: from disembarking the houseboat…
January 8, 2014/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Overnight Houseboat on Alleppey Backwaters

The backwaters of Alleppey hosted many houseboats. The Backwaters…
January 2, 2014/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Today we got video footage of the last…
December 31, 2013/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Backwaters and Beaches

After our trip to Munnar and our stay at Ela Ecoland, we spent…
December 30, 2013/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Ela Ecoland and the Elephant ride

We stayed at Ela Ecoland for three nights while in the Munnar area. We had breakfast and dinner in their small dining room, off the kitchen. The food was fresh and delicious. The chef, named Muttu, was skilled and friendly. His wife helped him in the kitchen and because it is Christmas time, his two sons were home and they helped out around the kitchen and accommodation.
December 30, 2013/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Elephants on Christmas Day

It was the best Christmas present Purazar could have given me. On our journey inland from Kochi to Munnar region, on Christmas day, we stopped at an elephant training center. The handlers only work with their elephants for three years to build a rapport. We watched them take their elephant down to the river and bathe them.
December 29, 2013/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Below are pictures from the times we have seen Christmas in India 🙂
December 25, 2013/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – The Banana Leaf dinner

Dinner was served on a long table, with many chairs along one side. There were four tables in all, two sets of two, facing each other with space in between for servers. There were cups and cutlery at every place, and the plates were banana leaves.
December 24, 2013/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Hadapsar Market

We went to the market near the apartment called Hadapsar Market. There were many vendors and shoppers - and just as many smells. We visited the stalls selling fruits, then vegetables, then spices. Some vendors were friendly, some were shy, some were pushy. When people saw our cameras, they asked if we would take their picture. If we wanted theirs, we would ask and most of the time they would say yes and put on a big smile. One woman selling us fruits, nodded that I could take her picture then thanked me. When she learned from us that the strawberry guy a few stalls down wouldn't negotiate his price, she started to haggle with him for us. She did so by standing and yelling at him in Marathi (the local language of Maharashtra - the state/province that we are in).
December 19, 2013/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – Our first 3 days in Pune, India

We got off the plane from London and took a four hour cab ride to Amar Nagari, which is the name of a laneway of apartments, off a busy road in Pune, India. If you don't hear honking it, means you have gotten used to the sound. We believe honking means: don't get in my way; I'm passing you; get out of my way; turn already; you're not supposed to stop there; you are too slow; and my favourite: I haven't honked in a while, so I'm just satisfying that itch.
December 14, 2013/by Purazar

Mobile Blogging – 10 hours in England

On the journey to India, we had a layover of 12 hours at Heathrow Airport, London, UK. We had 2 options - stay in the airport and catch up on sleep OR continue staying awake and explore London.
December 13, 2013/by Purazar
graffiti background, dance moves, legal graffiti wall in ottawa, George Dunbar Bridge (Bronson Avenue), Girls and Graffiti - An experimental Shoot, strobist, lighting setup

Girls and Graffiti – Experimental Shoot

I've been looking forward to shooting at this location for a long time but during a previous attempt, the weather did not cooperate and was postponed. The day of this shoot the weather didn't cooperate either but we were determined to at least get a few shots. As everyone assembled on location, our aspirations were tested once more with high winds and a heavy down pour. We huddled in various cars and after about 45 minutes were greeted by a break in the clouds and a gorgeous warm sunset. Everyone worked quickly to get setup and we got these amazing shots with a legal graffiti wall as the back drop.
December 1, 2013/by Purazar
Nikon D300s w/ 70-200mm f4 and the Nikon D600 w/ 24-70 Kit lens

My Landscape Photography Kit

Most of Ontario is flat and boring, but Autumn in this province is almost always stunning. The show that Mother Nature put on last year (2012) was spectacular, unfortunately this year didn't match up, but it was still worth the early morning alarm and a trek through the woods. The first time that I set out to capture the fall colours this year, I took with me my D600 and two lenses - one wide angle and one telephoto. Out in the field, I would capture the scenery and turn to find a flock of geese or a pair of ducks or a majestic great blue heron but by the time I changed lenses I had missed the shot. I needed a long telephoto setup that I could pair with my D600 wide angle kit. Hmm...Only if I have a second "back-up body", with a crop sensor, superb AF-speed and a fast continuous rate to capture these birds. Wait a minute - I do. I have a D300s! That's how my landscape photography kit came together - my dynamic duo.
November 29, 2013/by Purazar
Engagement Pictures in Ottawa for Lauren and Denis at the Ottawa Experimental Farms and Ottawa Arboretum

Engagement Pictures in Ottawa – Lauren and Denis

Lauren and Denis - kids at heart and very much in love. They are great teammates on and off the Ultimate field. Even though it was a cold and rainy day, we had an absolutely amazing time taking these photos. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next Summer, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from their engagement photo shoot.
November 27, 2013/by Purazar
Nikon 80-400mm Review - First Impressions

Nikon 80-400mm Review – First Impressions

Ever since Nikon released their updated super-telephoto zoom earlier this year, I've been waiting for a reason to test this lens out, and a few weekends ago, I found the perfect opportunity, when I was shooting the Canadian University Ultimate Championships. Fast moving subjects at changing distances were the perfect test subjects to get a feel for the lens and provide my first impressions for this Nikon 80-400mm review. You won't find hardcore technical details in this review or any scientific proofs about what makes this lens awesome, just real-world evidence that I gathered after using it for about 12-15 hours over a weekend and having taken over 4000 frames.
November 24, 2013/by Purazar
Ultimate Pictures, Ultimate Frisbee Pictures, Kind Bars, Photo Contests, Photos of Determination, Black and White

KindAwesome Photo Contest Winner

While shooting the CHEO BBQ Tournament in June, I took a picture of a player who was running to grab the disc. This was a classic instance of being in the right place at the right time. Since then I've received numerous compliments and this image has been published in a number of different places including the cover photo of Ultimate Canada's Facebook page. It also won third place in the KindAwesome Photo Contest.
October 26, 2013/by Purazar
Sunset in Toronto

D600 Dust Problem – Yup, I’ve got it too!

I've had my D600 for about 8 or 9 months now and until recently I thought I had gotten lucky and that my camera wasn't going to have the dust or oil problem. But after shooting about more than a 3000 frames in the past 10 days, I had a chance to finally view my images on a desktop monitor and I'm horrified. I've been infected with the dreaded D600 dust problem.
October 18, 2013/by Purazar
Fall colours in Ontario - Maple Tree in Autumn

Why is my D300s shutter speed so slow?

You know the feeling when you get a new replacement for something, the older product just feels so much inferior? You put it away, let it collect dust and try to forget about the investment you had made, which now feels obsolute. Well, that's what happened to my Nikon D300s when I bought the new Nikon D600. It sat on my shelf, looking lonely, without a lens or battery, until one day I rediscovered why I had loved it so much. It's because it JUST WORKS! No AF problems, no dust issues, no weird LCD colouring - accept I could only get 2-3FPS out of it, even on Continuous High Speed Mode. Why was the D300s shutter speed slow?
October 17, 2013/by Purazar
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