Mobile Blogging – Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Today we got video footage of the last sunset of 2013! We set up the GoPro at the beach as the sun set over the Indian Ocean. Then Laura went to put her feet in the water and a big wave came while she was posing for a picture! She got her shoes and shorts wet so we went back to the heritage home accommodation before heading to the bus to go in to town for dinner. We loved dinner so much last night that we went to the same place again.

Laura with her soaking shoes…


Last sunset of 2013!


Ordered a Paper Masala Dosa – giant Rice crepe with potato filling. Comes with 3 other “dipping sauces”. No other way to eat it than with your hands.



Earlier in the day we went and took pictures of the light house and the view from the top of the light house. Laura was charged 15 rupees (RS) more because she is a “foreigner” and I had to speak Hindi to prove I grew up here and get the RS 10 price for locals. Like in many other touristy places, they also charge per camera/video device, with the video camera being a higher cost. So we only take out one of our two cameras and use that.

Historic light house by the beach, more expensive if you’re a “foreigner”.

After dinner we went to the beach and got some night pictures and footage while we waited for the fireworks.

Fireworks and a shot of the large crowd at Alleppey Beach.

Fireworks at Alleppey Beach.


Happy New Year everybody – we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2014.

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