Mobile Blogging – Ela Ecoland and the Elephant ride

We stayed at Ela Ecoland for three nights while in the Munnar area. We had breakfast and dinner in their small dining room, off the kitchen. The food was fresh and delicious. The chef, named Muttu, was skilled and friendly. His wife helped him in the kitchen and because it is Christmas time, his two sons were home and they helped out around the kitchen and accommodation.

We had a driver and he took us to many sightseeing destinations. Tea plantations, spice plantations, waterfalls, viewpoints and my favourite – an elephant ride! We waited forty minutes for our half hour ride on Unni. He answered to commands in Malyali after three years of training with his handler. When we asked his handler if Unni understood English, he said no. He explained that he trained Unni, and used his language: Malyali. He went on to say if we trained an elephant, it would understand our language: English.

Inside the Rock House. It was a good 5 minute walk from the kitchen, which was about 50 metres below following a rocky and rustic trail.

A few from Ela Ecolands kitchen/dining room.

Made a friend with a frog on our way from the Rock House to the kitchen. Lit the little guy with a flashlight from above in case you’re wondering.

Uni posing with us.

Uni our ride. Amazing fellow with majestic tusks.

Riding Uni. An amazing experience.


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