Mobile Blogging – The Banana Leaf dinner

Dinner was served on a long table, with many chairs along one side. There were four tables in all, two sets of two, facing each other with space in between for servers. There were cups and cutlery at every place, and the plates were banana leaves.

The servers also had trays of carbonated drinks in glass bottles. I had the orange soda which tasted great.

Servers came around and put food on our banana leaves. Onion crisps that were like chips, roti, bread, pickle (carrot and date sweet jam), fish wrapped in banana leaves, chicken thigh in a sauce with potato crisps, chicken pieces with rice and sauce, and dal.

We were so full, we could not eat anymore. We knew we should have stopped the guy serving us rice but our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

We folded up our banana leaf plate and the servers took them away.

Ice cream was served in thin disposable bowls. The flavour was sitaful which is my favourite fruit here. (We will blog about the fruits soon). Purazar had two bowls and I had three.

I hope everyone is having a good Christmas Eve!

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    • Purazar
      Purazar says:

      Yes they are the Indian version but freshly fried before they are served.
      Only had one banana leaf dinner but I’ve eaten almost every meal with just hands.


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