Mobile Blogging – Our first 3 days in Pune, India

Purazar and Laura posing with their baggage outside Mumbai Airport

We got off the plane from London and took a four hour cab ride to Amar Nagari, which is the name of a laneway of apartments, off a busy road in Pune, India. If you don’t hear honking it, means you have gotten used to the sound. We believe honking means: don’t get in my way; I’m passing you; get out of my way; turn already; you’re not supposed to stop there; you are too slow; and my favourite: I haven’t honked in a while, so I’m just satisfying that itch.

Archway and palm tree leading to apartment

Apartment buildings next door, colourful just like the rest of India.

Looking up at the apartment, with Laura on the second floor stairway.

The apartment has two rooms, each with a bathroom and a large open space in between that acts as the living room and dining room. The kitchen is also of the large space. Some apartments have open style elevators, but this one does not. It does have a pool!

Swimming pool at the apartment complex. Great way to cool off in the 28 degree heat.

Open style elevator in a family member’s apartment

Mornings we get up and eat toast, fruit and drink tea. Then we slowly get ready and spend the afternoon out of the house. Friday was a market downtown that spans many blocks and is outdoors – busy with people and vendors. There was barely room to walk either because the space was packed with people selling or with people buying.

Dinner at a Rajisthani Restaurant in the mall. This is known as a thali – each small bowl has a different dish including desert. All the food is vegetarian.

Yesterday was the opposite, to the extreme. We went to a mall that reminded me of the huge malls in California. Lots of space and outdoor sections but indoor stores. But this mall seemed to have more employees than shoppers; there were not many shoppers, especially considering it was Saturday. Purazar’s cousin Kushnuma came with us, and brought her 2 year old son, Ruvir (roo-veer, but we call him roo-vi).

Both places had great food and lots to buy. The mall did not have fruits and veggies like the market, but the mall did have ice cream 🙂 Canadian/American brands as well as brands from India.

Evenings are visiting family and waiting for dinner. Dinner is always late (between 9 and 10am) and Purazar says it is because drinks, sharing stories, and having a laugh are just as important as having a meal together. There are always more than 4-5 different dishes that are cooked by the host, plus rice and roti are a staple.

That’s all for now!

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  1. David
    David says:

    Looks like you are having fun. Purazar’s nephew is really cute. Now I know you didn’t travel half way around the world to visit a Baskin Robbins! Show us some local stuff. How is the Food.

    • Purazar
      Purazar says:

      Thanks Uncle David. You know my dad loves Hagaan-Daas and I love Baskin Robbins. I got lots of video of the local market. We’ll try to take more pictures of all the great Indian food we are eating.

  2. Greg Ferris
    Greg Ferris says:

    Hi Laura and Purazar. A four hour cab ride is really long ! Yikes. However where you are staying looks nice, so the cab ride is worth it. Plus a pool !!! Haagen Daas and Baskin Robbins, you have a choice. I look forward to the next blog. Love . Dad/Greg.


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