Mobile Blogging – 10 hours in England

On the journey to India, we had a layover of 12 hours at Heathrow Airport, London, UK. We had 2 options – stay in the airport and catch up on sleep OR continue staying awake and explore London.

The choice was obvious, so we took the Tube from the airport terminal to Westminster station. Total cost of that trip – 19£ for both of us. We were given other options by the attendant at the travel desk, but this was by far the most adventurous and much cheaper.

South Ealing Station on the Underground in London. We love the different vernacular used in different parts of the world. Way Out instead of Exit. On the Jet Airways plane (airline based in India) the Hindi translation for Exit was “Outside”.

Taking the Tube instead of the Heathrow Express (34£/person) meant that we were on the subway twice as long but this gave us a great opportunity to travel with the locals and see more of the city as the tracks wound themselves through neighbourhoods and over busy streets. Once we got to London we decided to walk the streets instead of taking the Big Bus Tour (hop on and hop off service – 32£/person). We brought along some walking maps which helps is plan out routes and subway stops.

Tiny snap shot of the awesome subway system in London. We switched subway lines at Hammersmith to get to Westminster. (Cities of Ottawa and Toronto, please take note: this sort of infrastructure will keep tourists happy and coming back for more)

After having spent 7 hours on a red eye flight, we were both grumpy and groggy buy the view we saw when we stepped out of Westminster station put a huge smile on our faces. We were greeted by Big Ben. An iconic landmark where pictures just don’t it any justice. But here are a few anyways…


After walking past the parliament buildings and over the Westminster Bridge, we took a few pictures of the London Eye and had a lunch at a cute French Bakery. The food was delicious but quite pricy. 20£ for two small meals and two drinks – tasty none the less.

Having fueled up with some carbs we walked along the Thames where there was a lively atmosphere filled with Christmas music, food, and lots of laughter. The weather was great and Buskers made the most of it by keeping everyone entertained.

We then walked over the millennium Bridge and around St Paul’s square where we hopped back into the Underground to see the sights of the Oxford shopping district. Buy this point we were thoroughly exhausted so after a quick walk through Carnaby Circus we got back on the Tube one last time to head back to the airport.


Next blog post from a busy and vibrant India.

Sneak peek of our next blog post. Can you guess where we are?


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  1. Greg Ferris
    Greg Ferris says:

    Hi Laura and Purazar. What a great time to be in London, with all the Christmas decorations and music. Thank you for the blog, and great photos. I look forward to more from INDIA :). Lots of Love. Dad/ Greg

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    Loved this blog! Brought back memories of when I backpacked around the UK and the joy (and grumpy) that comes from jet lag and riding the Tube. Have a wonderful trip and I’m thrilled to be following your time there Laura! Purazer, your photos are stunning!


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